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Welcome to The Greens/Green Party INDIA. Likewise all Green Parties in the world, The Green Party INDIA is working to make the hope of a more democratic, safer, cleaner & peaceful world real. Our political goal is an India where decisions are made by the people and not by a few super-rich individuals, corrupted politicians, bureaucrats and families associated with them. Our environmental goal is a sustainable world where nature and human society co-exist in harmony.

     India has a strong Nature worship tradition. Our ancestors worshiped earth as the mother and also they worshiped the rivers, mountains and forest which patted and nourished man and his magnificent culture in their lap. One of India’s most holy book The Mathsya Purana teaching us that “Desa puthra samo drumah” (One tree is equal to ten sons). But that magnificent and valuable culture is vanishing as a result neglect by the intrusion of consumerism and blind urbanization which intern marked the begins of complete disaster. 

     India has a lot of state level and national level political parties. Unfortunately any one of their have no environmental agenda. Ecological problems always counted as silly matters by them. They paid blind eyes towards the plain truth – The truth which they feared all the time and preferred to hide and forget – that the “earth does not belongs to man, man belongs to the earth” for their wealthy masters.

       Environment is a complex of physical, chemical and biotic factors that interact not only with the organism but also among themselves. No living being can exist all by itself and man is only a component of the biosphere and not its master. The survival of man depends on finding a balance between man and nature.

      With his intellectual supremacy the man always indulges in plundering natural resources. In doing so he often thoughtlessly interferes with nature, disrupts and tampers balance of nature. Human greed and avarice together have caused extensive clearing of forests, over exploitation of resources and alarming environmental pollution. Apparently due to numerous ecological malpractices and short-sighted greedy exploitation of different ecological resources world has to face many serious ecological problems such as Global warming, Industrial pollution, Energy crisis, Flooding erosion, Desertification, Stalinization of soil, Agro-chemical pollution, and Radioisotope accumulation.

      The usable inland water resources constituted a very minute fraction of the world total water, it is important to make efficient use of available water and at the same time prevent abuse of it. Recycling of waste water after due treatment would relieve the water scarcity. The reclamation of sewage water is important from many angles.

      Industrial activities and aviation transport are polluting the air and are disturbing the balance of gases in the atmosphere causing a threat to the environment and climate. Ozone depletion and increase in Greenhouse gases are the two major environmental problems which have raised international concern. Even the Earth's atmosphere is being restructured by this profit-driven economy.

       The backbone of Indian economy is Agriculture still. The percentage of the total population who depend on Agriculture is more than 70. The farmers were considered as honorable men in pre privatization age in India. But new they are insulted, ignored and compelled to suicide. That’s result India is now suffering food scarcity.

       Due to unfair distribution of wealth and income the 40% of population in India are below poverty line. The top 3% control over 80% of wealth and property. The gape between rich and poor is increasing rapidly due to blind privatization. Rich became super rich; commons were pushed to poor houses and slums. The women’s contribution in economy is not increase properly till now. Women empowerment programs are only in paper yet. The rate of violence against women is increasing rapidly. They always considered as second grade citizens by the male dominated society. The distribution of wealth in India is even more unfair. Both of India's major political parties are dependent on few super-rich individuals and associates. In fact, nearly all major offices in the government, whether elected or appointed, are filled by corrupted persons. What chance does the average person have for exercising his or her democratic rights under these conditions! What chance do nature and the environment have?

      Economic development and ecological conservation must go hand in hand for human welfare. Moderate and discretely use of natural resources by maintaining their quality and preserving them for future generations is very important. The conservation activities include preservation, maintenance, sustainable utilization, restoration, and recuperation of natural environment. Conservation avoids unplanned development which goes against ecological principles. Development without a concern for the environment can only be anti-development, and it can go only at the cost of enormous human sufferings.

       Another important problem needing immediate solution is abuse of genetic engineering. This destroying the entire environment and contaminate a species diversity it has taken nature millions of years to evolve.

      We must learn a way of life that can be sustained, and develop more efficient technologies that produce as little harmful waste as possible. To build a sustainable society, we must learn ways not to rival nature but to co-operate with it and live in harmony. We require a wholly new economic order without destroying natural systems.  Per suing life styles and economic goals are rapidly destruct the environment. Our future can be peace and a better world, or it can be endless conflict and ecological/economic disaster.  The difference between the two is whether or not we act to make the difference. So we need to make changes in our personal attitudes and practices and develop environment friendly life styles or Green ethics. But there is one thing that we must understand. There is no change to get back the lost time. So there is no question of delay.

      If the love towards nature dawns in one’s mind he makes himself to the first step towards his humanity. Man who is deprived of nature love becomes an assaulter. Obsessed with the idea of assault man becomes the cause of wars and holocaust. It is only when undertaking a global awareness revolution with regard to green values that man will realize that he is only a part of the nature and not its master.

      The resources are gifts of nature to sustain life, but not for modern luxury. Luxury means plundering of natural resources, wastage and pollution. It is not compatible with the law of nature. Keep our actions within the earth’s carrying capacity.

      We oppose all Physical, Chemical, Geochemical and Biological pollutions, over consumption of natural resources like Water, Land, Soil, Minerals, Forest, Wild life and Marine ecology. Also we oppose all types of violence.

      We are always committed to Women’s Empowerment. We have reserved our 50% of Local, State and National level working committee seats for Women. 

      Life is a rare and wondrous thing. There may be life of some sort on some of the thousands of planets that orbit the distant stars. Yet, so far as we positively know, only one our own earth is there living creatures. The earth is populated by millions of different types of living creatures each has its own way of living but all share the only known kind of structural and chemical organization that means being alive.



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*Green Party of India is a Nonprofit Organization on a predominantly Environmental platform, founded by a group of young Nature lovers in India on 14 January 2010